I am Sasikumar Arasaratnam, a Sri Lankan-born graphic designer and artist currently based in Singapore. I love exploring vibrant and colorful concepts, and have a deep passion for 3D , User interface design and urban art. I currently work as a Graphic  Designer and Illustrator.

This is my personal website and portfolio and now I’m further expanding the site with more contents such as tutorials and place for download digital arts.  There will be more different contends will be update in future.

As a kid, I always love drawing on paper, especially the nature and concept designing , but it was at my early twenties in 2006 that I started my self-taught career as a 3d graphic designer. Since then I have developed a distinctive visual style which made me have a headtstart on planning my career.

After my A levels I took up  multimedia pathway as my professional studies. I completed my advanced  diploma in Multimedia from Arena Multimedia in 2007.

My first job was to creatie 3D renders for architecture aspects, and creating user interface design for web developments. As a beginner I learned and gained lots of experience by working with architects and web programmers throughout my overall two year period with this job. specifically on the limitation of practicality when implementing the limitless creativity in real life.

Then I worked for a advertising company as a creative director which I considered it  as a playground for designers and creative artist. It was a amazing experience although my work duration was short in this company I had the opportunity to see my own first 3D animated advertisement in TV.There were so many new things I learnt during my short work period as a creative director. I created many paper and tv advertisements for this company  got my opportunities to working with famous brands local and international and also with government and private sectors such as  Unilever, KIWI,  Sri Lanka Institute of Architects, John keels.

In 2008 I moved to Singapore and joined SeQuaX pvt limited. I currently work in this company as a graphic designer. my main job here is to create user interface design for casino related applications and make artworks for marketing and technical drawing. I also do web designing and developments. I have gained many different types of knowledge from working in this company.

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