2D Flat Landscape with Basic Shapes in Adobe Illustrator | Speed Art

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Hi Guys! In this Speed Art video i show you how i create a 2D landscape art using adobe illustrator. I only use basic shapes to create this minimal 2D design. You can find the full tutorial link with downloadable resources with the tutorial link above .

What you will get from the full Step by Step Tutorial :

In the Tutorial Learn basic & advanced skills you need to create a flat design illustrations using Adobe Illustrator CC. Learn the techniques to draw a vector art in adobe illustrator & with help of basic tools & yet look very professional .

We will learn Basics of Adobe Illustrator interface
We will learn how to use Basic shapes to create objects
We will learn to create a stunning flat design artwork
We will learn about the Proper layering practices
We will also learn to enhance the Artwork with Recoloring & Strokes

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