Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – Create a Vector Snake Using basic tools

In this tutorial you will learn how to draw a semi realistic looking vector snake in Adobe illustrator

You will be learning

How to use Patter brush
How to use More options in Stroke tool
Fast drawing Techniques
How to use the path tool
Working with lighting and shadow
Working with details
Drawing reflection and refection
How to Make a custom pattern brush
How to Make the brush follow the path
Drawing a shinny wet surface


In this video tutorial it’s all about using hidden techniques in adobe illustrator. Even some of the most complex shapes in the nature can be easily manipulate using these hidden techniques. In this instance I’m using the pattern brush tool to create a snake skin like pattern and use the path tool to make the pose of the model.

In addition you will learn how to make the model more realistic by adding lighting and shows correctly. In illustrators case it’s all about colors.

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