How To Draw A Realistic Alarm Clock (Old School Analog Alarm Clock) in Adobe Illustrator

You will learn how to create a vector cock with with simple shapes and gradients, and in addition You also can get an idea about

How to create a very reflective material
Rotating objects in 360 degrees
How to use the path tool
How to draw lighting and shadow
How to work with details
Drawing reflection and refection

You can find many tutorials explaining how to draw clock in adobe illustrator. But most of them are cartoon design or flat design.  Sp I have design a clock which look very realistic but also it’s a vector file which can be used for various purposes.

This is only a part of plugin and in very soon near future there will be the second part where i will use this design and animate realistically to a clock. Once i updated you will see the information here.

If you like the final design you can Download it here :

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