App Interface Prototype Design – From Paper to Final Prototype in Adobe XD – [Tutorial]

View the working Prototype below

In this tutorial I show you how to do a UI | UX work flow for a prototype for a Mobile App based on I-phone from start to finish. If you are new to UI | UX designing you will learn how the basic work flow is done for any interface designing project. I start from requirements list to UX sketch and finally how to use XD to do the actual work flow.

If you only want to see only UI design or UX flow design please follow below time lines

Requirements : 00:06:42

UX – Wire Frame : 00:10:12

UI – Prototype design in XD : 00:33:41

For you guys who watching the full video i apologize it may seems some places i may have repeating things which i already explained alreay. This is because if some one choose to skip some parts and only wanted to watch XD part.

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