02 Creating a New File in Adobe Illustrator CC

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Learn basic & advanced skills you need to create a vector illustrations using Adobe Illustrator CC. Learn the techniques to draw a vector art in adobe illustrator & with help of gradients make the artwork look very professional .

with the first two episode I’m covering the basic tools used in this artwork & how to use the most important tool in any graphic software which is the pen tool. with this you can start from as a basic level designer to become a pro. Seasoned adobe Illustrator users can start jump into 3rd video to leverage their vector illustration skill to the next level. Most courses will walk your through all the tools and demonstrate them, but in this tutorial you really learn from hands on experience. Getting in there and illustrating.

Please Note I’ll be adding more videos & more advance topic in this course in the future as well.

We will learn about drawing Basic shapes & Modifying them to any shape we wanted

We will learn about lines, strokes and how to use the pen tool

We will learn about gradients and transparency & use them for advance shading of the artwork

We will learn about the Proper layering practices and with the help of laying how to enhance the artwork

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